• How to apply Polygel with dual form?

    We just organized this little step by step instructions on how to apply Polygels using dual forms. There are many ways to get your nail extension with polyge. Dual form method is the most beginner friendly. For more advance techniques. Just youtube search polygel and there are tons of awesome tutorial out there to learn from. 
  • How to Prep your Nails for Polygel?

    Here is a very important piece of tips/ticks that we would love to share with you guys. Nail Prep always an important step for long lasting nails. You don't want your nails to pop right off easily. We feel your pains that you might have spend all night working and designs on it. You would love it to last for at least couple of weeks. Here are the simple steps you might practice to try to make it last longer. 
  • What is the difference between Acrylic, Gel and Polygel Nails?

    Getting your nails done these days can sometime feel like going to the supermarket. There just too many choice and million ways to get it done. Today, lets talk about the pros and cons of the 3 most popular method of getting your nails done. These 3 methods are Acrylic, Gel and Polygel nails.

  • How to Remove Polygel Nails? The Easiest Way

    Polygel is very easy to file off because its unique formula. It is very light weight and durable while still allowing for quicker break down and remove.