How to Prep your Nails for Polygel?

How to Prep your nails for Polygels?

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Welcome back to another blog post. Here is a very important piece of tips/ticks that we would love to share with you guys. Nail Prep always an important step for long lasting nails. You don't want your nails to pop right off easily. We feel your pains that you might have spend all night working and designs on it. You would love it to last for at least couple of weeks. Here are the simple steps you might practice to try to make it last longer. Leave us a comment below if you find this tips helpful and we will keep finding new tips/tricks them for you to perfect your nails!

Here are steps to prep your nail properly:


Step 1

Sanitize your hands and nails. Push back the cuticle and clean the surrounding nail plate of any excess cuticle.




Step 2

Shape the natural nail using a file of Choice(Choose a high quality one)



STEP 3Step 3

Gently remove the shine using good 100/180 Nail Buffer.




STEP 4Step 4

Use a Alcohol Nail Pad or Nail surface cleanse and Lint-free Nail Wipe to wipe and cleanse the nail and remove all dust.



STEP 5Step 5

Apply a layer of Nail Prep(Nail Dehydrator) to your nail plate.




STEP 6Step 6

Apply a thin coat of Nail Primer to your nail plate.





Last but not least, now its time to start apply your base coat and whatever you gotta do with your nails! Just keep this tips in mind and it will make it last way longer than you wanted! -XOXO

*This steps can be applied to all nail applications.

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