How to Remove Polygel Nails? The Easiest Way

Polygel is very easy to file off because its unique formula. It is very light weight and durable while still allowing for quicker break down and remove.

Polygel Removal Step by Step:

step 1

Step 1

Using a good quality 100/180 Grit nail file. Fil off the majority of the product and reduce the length if needed. DO NOT file the natural nail!



step 2

Step 2

Use a 100/180 nail buffer to gently buff down the enhancement to leave a thin application on the nail



step 3

Step 3

Use a 220/280 nail buffer, lightly buff the nail and blend the remaining enhancement into the natural nail



step 4

Step 4

Cleanse the nail surface with a alcohol or nail surface cleanse and wipe it off with a lint-free nail wipe.



step 5

Step 5

Massage with Cuticle Oil into skin and the nail surroundings to give it a fresh and healthy rejoice on your nail.



TIPS: Electric File Option

It is much easier to use with a Electric File to file down majority of the product with medium to coarse carbide and E-File with medium to coarse sanding band to reduce the length if needed. AGAIN, DO NOT file the natural nail.




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